Sunday, July 24, 2016

Megan and Robert's FUN Oswego Celebration

I had the great honor of handing Mc and DJ services for the wedding of Megan abs v Robert Wilson.  The reception was held at The American Foundry,  in Oswego,  NY where I had the opportunity to work with Mary abs her staff,  as well as one of my absolute favorite CNY photographers,  Sarah Heppell.

The celebration featured many of the traditional formalities that we just don't get to do so often anymore. Bouquet toss for instance.  This was a huge hit.
Meghan and Robert's taste in music was great,  and the dance floor hopped all night long. 

Thanks again for letting us help you celebrate this day with you.  Great families and friends! Definitely one of my favorite weddings of the season!

Sunday, July 10, 2016

Keri and Jake's Private Estate Skaneateles Lake Wedding

Ahhh the blog. During peak wedding season, it's quite difficult to set time aside to make a shiny new blog post... But here goes! I took a sec to download a blogger phone app so maybe that will help. :-)
 The last month plus has been more than a little busy! Weddings every weekend, and if I do say so myself, grand slams!

Keri and Jake's wedding on their family's private property in Skaneateles was picture perfect. We had the pleasure of working with Anatoli photograffi for the first time as well.  

A packed dance-floor and lots of great music throughout the evening, made for an unforgettable party! 

As we usually aim for, Keri and Jake hand selected many of the songs for the evening, and we filled in the blanks based on their tastes and guest requests. 

The top 3 songs of the night were: 

1. Gretchen Carlson - Here for the Party
2. The Four Seasons -  Oh What a Night
3. Taio Cruz - Dynamite

The party definitely POPPED and guests who pack the dance-floor are our favorite kind! 

It was a pleasure to DJ your Skaneateles Wedding celebration. Thanks for using Select Receptions! 

Kirk R

Monday, June 27, 2016

A Perfect Wolf Oak Acres Wedding

June 25, 2016 we had the honor of providing services for the wedding of Rebecca and Kevin Kenderes. The ceremony, and reception took place at the beautiful Wolf Oak Acres, in Oneida, NY.

Wolf Oak has two ceremony sites. Rebecca and Kevin opted to get married by the creek, nested under a canopy of trees providing shade for their 140 guests.

We provided on-site battery powered sound, music and wireless lapel-microphone, so their guests could hear every vow. Our ceremony system is 100% digital, and includes a Bose Compact radial speaker and sub-woofer combination, and can be position discreetly in the back of any wedding ceremony.

R&K Opted for our new "photo-lounge" photo-booth option, and it was a huge hit all night long. One thing they opted for that I'd recommend to anyone considering a photo-booth, is keeping it in the same physical space as the dancing.

It makes for a packed dance floor with easy access to photo-booth fun!

It was a lot of FUN working with Rebecca & Kevin leading up to and the day of the big celebration. 
It was also a pleasure working with Katrina and Russel, owners of Wolf Oak Acres. It's a beautiful venue with all of the charm of a rustic, country wedding, but much more comfortable and modern! Also, it was nice working again with Martha Swann, one of the area's better photographers for sure! 


Thursday, June 2, 2016

Reasons your Reception Fun & Dancing Can Fall Flat

Beardy McHipster couple deep in thought: "Indy tunes only!"
The one thing all of the most successful weddings have in common is....... 
They were fun! 

They weren't ironic. The song-lyrics or music didn't tell some story over the course of the night that guests were supposed to catch... They were simply FUN. They were personalized everywhere my client envisioned, and still they were considerate of the many guests, whether it be 80 or 280 or more!

Reasons your reception fun and dancing can fall flat:
There are in no particular order, and some may have more impact than others... 

1. Tying the DJ's hands
Do you have 100 indy tunes that your day won't be complete without. We may not be the right fit for your wedding! If you've ever heard me say- "I'm glad to give you control over most of the music", be assured, it has come after a lengthy conversation where I've determined whether or not you are (1) someone with eclectic taste in music, and (2) have shown some level of consideration for your guests; i.e."I want everyone to dance and have FUN!"

Best practice: Pick a bunch of songs you love, a bunch of songs you think your guests will love, a handful of do-not-play songs... And let your DJ fill in the blanks based on your tastes, the crowd etc. If you don't trust the DJ to do that, don't hire the DJ.

2. No drinking
What's this? The DJ wants people to drink? Yes. The more drinking you have, the more dancing you'll have. I'm not saying people can't have fun without drinking, I'd certainly never tell my kids that, so I won't tell you that... But people most certainly have more fun, with drinking! Thankfully, my kids don't read my blog. ;)

3. Room Layout
It's more important than you may think. If the DJ is not placed in front of, or in close proximity to the dance-floor, the music cannot be in close proximity of the dance-floor! Dumb room layout is often the fault of an over-eager hotel or banquet-hall 'planner' who isn't considering the FUN.
Not-so-genius room layout

4. Proximity of dancing to other important things
Is your bar or photo-booth outside the main reception room? In another room or hallway? This is sure to draw people away from the dancing. Sure, they may still be having fun elsewhere, and there's nothing wrong with that at all... But if dancing is a top priority for you, you may want to consider a layout that keeps guests in the same area as the dancing.

5. Other considerations
Some of these may be out of your control at this point, but....
Have you ever been to a Sunday afternoon wedding? A daytime outdoor wedding? A 12pm-5pm reception in a tent in 95 degree weather? I'm not saying you can't have a successful wedding in these scenarios, but you should realistically manage your expectations for dancing. I could be playing the world's favorite dance-song and handing out puppies on the dance-floor, and if people are sweating standing still, they probably aren't going to dance. Don't beat yourself up about it. The sound-track to the day is still important while people mingle and catch-up... But this day will likely not be about the dancing. If that's an important factor to you, plan accordingly.


Feel free to reach out with any questions.
Good luck!

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